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We donate a meal to charity for ever order we get


Our Donation Policy

  • How much do we donate?

    We mention how much we donate at the launch of each of our collections. Head to a collection and you will be able to view how much or what we are donating. However, we guarantee that every single order will have a portion of its profits donated, no matter the collection. Our previous launch donated over 5000 AUD.

  • Who do you donate to and when?

    Depending on the collection, we may choose a different non-profit organization. All chosen non-profits are 100% trusted, reliable, and well-known. Our largest partner we donate through is The MATW Project, certificed by the ACNC. Visit their site for more information. We donate on the 1st of every month.

  • Do you have proof?

    We are now donating all funds through Launch Good via this link.

    We post receipts of our donations right here on our website, just below this text. Additionally, we post our donations on our social media pages, including Instagram and Tiktok. We often celebrate large launches with extra donations too.

Who are we currently donating to?

Due to the horrific events in Gaza, Palestine, we are currently forwarding all our donations directly to them. The MATW Project is our chosen Non-profit Organization whom is able to provide the people of Gaza with aid. More information of their work can be seen via their Website and Instagram. We pledge that every order will donate a meal towards Palestine.

Our Donation Receipts

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